Hotel Technology

Years of experience with many successful projects makes our work special for each client. Following are the services we provide for a website for hotels.

Rate Audit

We professionally do rate audit for you and keep a keen eye on all the records or financial accounts and check their accuracy.

OTA Management

We manage your listings on all Online Travel Agencies channels and make sure about their accuracy of data on the channels.

Central Reservation System

We will provide you a central reservation system from where all your online and offline bookings will be managed from one central point.

Channel Managment System

We manage all OTA and reservations centrally through a channel manager. It will provide easy management of inventory on OTA ones at a time.

Website Booking Engine

We also provide website booking engine, from where guests can directly make reservations from the website it self.

Mobile Booking Engine

Now Guests can directly book rooms from their moible with our mobile friendly booking Engine.