12 Mistakes That We Should Not Do While Doing Digital Marketing

Hotshot Hotelier is the fastest growing hotel digital marketing company in India that provides assistance to business owners who have been looking for a promising hotel internet marketing company that helps them to improvise their online presentation and online reputation management for hotels and resorts. We provide an online booking engine for hotels so that they could drive more direct bookings and pay less commission to booking portals, other than that we help the hotel revenue management team to get more a profiting turnover. We offer certain services amongst which one is Digital Marketing, here we are going to enlighten you with some of the mistakes that we avoid while doing digital marketing for our business.

Grow Your Followers, Avoid Your Social Media Aberrations –

1. Forgetting About Mobile Users

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Oftenly when we design a website we avoid or forget to make it mobile friendly – means to make it accessible on all the media devices no matter Android or IPhone. At times on different mobile devices, websites take too long to display the content and the pictures – whereas at times pages and buttons show error while operating. Test your website to make it accessible and mobile friendly.

2. Not Having A Blog Page For Your Website

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In order to promote the business and the idea that you work on for business growth one needs to stay connected with their group all over and for that blog pages and websites are made. Blogging helps you to promote your content towards the right audience and get followers that relate to your business – we suggest hotels to follow different blog sites and promote their website blogs on those pages.

3. Avoiding Social Media Handles And Posting

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Website is not just enough for business promotions, we need to stay connected to the social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and etc so that more followers and audience could get directed towards your business, ideologies and principles. Relating to your business you should keep on posting images and stories on those accounts with trending hashtags.

4. Targeting Wrong Audience

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We often get misguided when it comes to drive followers or mislead the followers by uploading content that they do not relate too. If you are having a hotel business then you should try to promote your hotels in the state from where more travellers come to visit and also look after the requests and queries that guests look for and then represent yourself and your content in the exact ways.

5. Website Takes Too Long To Load The Page

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When we upload our website on the internet we do not consider the time that it takes to display the content and the pictures related which in result is the biggest flaw for the website when it comes to promotion. Audience does not wait too long to let the website load so you should consider the image sizes, content format and the display time when uploading a website or promoting it on other social accounts.

6. Spamming With Wrong Content

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The most common issue that these days affect the audience and the followers are the misleading contents that are not expressive enough to portray the right message from the content shared. Each portal has its own rules and regulations to follow while sharing the content and if in case the post does not fit in the list – it gets marked as a spamming content and raises negative points for your social media account.

7. Not Having A Call To Action Button On Pages

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When you are uploading a website for your business or introducing pages on social media accounts then in order to make it easy for your followers to reach out directly – a call to action button or email button is kept. If in case a visitor on your site is interested to indulge in your business then the first thing they try to reach is the contact number of the owner – so always be feasible for your customers.

8. Negligence Towards Website While Doing Promotions

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When it comes to promotion, try to cover all the services and platforms where you are visible and are available to communicate or answer back. Most of the times when business or hotel promotions are done then all the details such as social media icons and contact number are mentioned but we should also mention our website so that the interested visitors could go and surf with your url easily.

9. Avoid Replying To Your Customer’s Messages

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Well the most important and crucial factor of a business is communication – communication is the key for verbal promotions and so we put on message and call buttons so that we could interact with our visitors. Often we leave the messages unread or do not bother to reply which leaves a negative impact on the customer and makes them promote your unavailability if someone asks for a reference.

10. Expecting Campaign Results Overnight

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Social Media works on few ideologies and principles, rushing it to get better results is a wrong approach for your visibility – content, hashtags, caption, image quality all these sum up to make your campaign trending and visible to everyone. If you want overnight publicity then you can boost your campaign or advertisement by doing minimal payments but if doing it in an organic way, it takes time to reach your expectations.

11. Ignoring Video Marketing On Social Media Portals

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Short videos, GIFs, slideshows, carousels are the most convenient and trending option for business marketing – a short introductory video, review video, product video ad etc holds the visitor for a moment on your post. It becomes very easy to convey your message through videos as the content takes a short time to be expressive and visitors prefer watching things moreover reading it on an image.

12. Not Having Correct Content Strategy

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While doing social media marketing it’s very important that you upload relevant content that relates with your image and add hashtags that relates to the post so that your post would get visibility on those trending lists. If a hotel is sharing a campaign regarding festival offers then they should use hashtags and captions that relate to the festival and and to the hotel – if it ‘s not proper then your followers may get misguided.

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