Virtual Marketing

Years of experience with many successful projects makes our work special for each client. Following are the services we provide for a website for hotels.

Daily Revenue Management

We provide daily revenue management as one of our basic services. And by doing this we predict the consumer market level and optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth.

Dedicated Sales Team

We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team for daily revenue management, OTA management, E-mail management and all other online and offline enquiries.

Direct Dealing with OTA Market Manager

We directly deal with all the OTA market managers which helps in online OTA management and daily revenue management for your hotel.

Call center

Our sales team will manage all online and offline enquiries of bookings through phone calls by answering the calls, and reverting back to call back requests.

Email Management

We also provide e-mail management in which we will manage direct, online-offline and B2B enquiries and reservations.

Enquiry Management

Our team would do enquiry management by managing calls and e-mails, reverting them back and do the daily revenue management for you.

B2B Partnership

We built B2B partnership for you which will lead to increase in the overall revenue for your business.