Importance and Significance of for Hotels and Travellers

“ You don’t travel to wander but to explore the new road waiting for you to drive on. “

Travel and hospitality industry is growing fast these days, to make it a convenient hassle free industry – different technology/smart applications are introduced in the market, so that the hotel can generate more revenue by getting bookings from people all around and convince them to travel to new locations and cities. Online booking portals, channel manager to manage your portals, social media to advertise your hotel, collaborations with people around and etc. are all the software’s and technologies that are helping hotels to grow themselves and get recognition in the market. Internet these days has really made it easy for hotel’s to reach out to people, let them know about the hotel, location and facilities that they offer. One of the most preferred and trending portals is – that is useful for both hotel ( to get business ) and travellers ( to get a deal in good price ). In this blog we will know the significances and beneficiaries of being on the portal !  

Before we start,

What is and where did it start ?

Found in the year 1996 in the vicinity of Amsterdam by Booking Holdings, is a firm that has grown from a small Dutch start-up to one of the most renowned and acclaimed online travel companies that started with a mission and tagline “ With us, everyone can discover the world even more easily. “ The purpose of the site is to get the hotels exposure from all over the world and make it an ideal business portal for all the small and big brands to do business by getting maximum exposure along with offering transport bookings and package provider to travellers. is running successfully all around the world by being available in 43 languages and offering guaranteed accommodation in total 28 million reported accommodation entries among which 6.2 million entries are only from the vacation homes, holiday apartments and other unique accommodation taverns. No matter where the hotel is located or where the guests is planning to travel – offers very easy and effective services to everyone, by being available around the clock.

Why is good for hotels and how can hotel generate more bookings from the portal ?


Earlier when online portals were not their in use, it was very difficult for hotels to do business as they were getting minimal exposure in the market and had hopes with walk-in guests only because anyways there were no source to advertise themselves to travellers all around. 

The most highlighting benefits that hotels have got through are :-

  • Your hotel listing would be visible in a time period of 48 hours.
  • An easy and user-friendly extranet to edit your hotels profile and tariff rates.
  • The hotel receives the payment directly from guests and later pays off the commission amount only to the .
  • Exposure to the hotel name all around the world so that anyone can book a stay from anywhere.
  • Offers quick solutions by continuous assistance to hotel staff and guests – who made booking or planning to confirm a booking.
  • Flexibility to mention your own cancellation policy and permission to edit it later as per your hotel’s conveniences.
  • A chat-bot is available for the hotel and guests to communicate directly or drop their special requests or requirements.
  • A map that locates the property location accurately without any misguiding route.
  • Is open for all sorts of accommodation option ( apartments, b&b, hostel, villa, homestay, resorts and even a cruise. )
  • Can offer various festivals and seasonal promotions on your tariff rates and take it off when your offer expires.

    The most efficient ways to generate more bookings through portal are :-

The most efficient ways to generate more bookings through portal are :-

  • Maintain a 100% content score of your hotel’s profile front.
  • Upload best quality of pictures in all room categories and other property outskirts images to let know about your surroundings and view around.
  • Mention your facilities and amenities offered clearly, so that the guests would know which room is suitable for his requirements.
  • A cancellation policy with all the rules clearly mentioned so that it won’t become fussy for people to understand or follow.
  • Keep promotion offers that makes an attractive deal for guests to book their stay.
  • Try to be more active on the chat-bot so that you can immediately communicate with your guests and convince them to confirm their reservations with you.

Why is good and preferable by travellers to confirm their bookings ?

Earlier travellers use to book their stay only when they arrive in the city they plan for a vacation or let the travel agents to book their stay in the hotels they have tied up with for promotion – but when travel portals came into use, people started preferring them more to confirm their bookings. has become a prior choice for travellers to book for their accommodation, because :-
  • It has assurity, that the best price will be offered to make your reservations confirm.
  • There are no extra penalty charges, you have to follow the hotel’s cancellation policy only.
  • Provides valuable information regarding hotel’s services, facilities, amenity inclusions and surroundings.
  • You get to choose from a variety of accommodation options such as apartments, B&B, hostel, villa, homestay and even cruise/ships.
  • Genuine reviews or feedback of the hotel’s service standards, that are being experienced by travellers who have stayed there before.
  • A cancellation policy of the hotel to refer, if in case you have to cancel the bookings you have made.
  • You can surf for hotels all over the world, get in touch with the hotel through text message box and confirm your bookings without any hassle.

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