Hotel Website Design – Profit Making Strategies

27th Sep 2021 Direct Booking, Hotel Website

In any business sector, it ultimately is all about profit, and the most powerful profit making tool is your business website. So, you need to make sure that your website is designed in such a way that it is simple yet attractive and designed to earn profit for your business.

Profit is the most important aspect of any business that helps you to pay off your wages and you can invest it in your business to expand and grow your business. Your website is the main indicator to monitor your CPA. If your website design is user friendly and SEO friendly, your cost per action will be less.

Nowadays basic booking cost is increased due to the rise of OTA’s & monetisation of social media, and paid (AdWords) meta search & google listings. Because the money spent on CPC is coming back with 52% for OTA’s but unfortunately the hotels get only approx. 8% return on their investment.

If you are into hotel business, you should be performing analysis for your booking distribution channels, corporate and online travel agencies. You have to compare the yield that is generated after deducting the commission or marketing expenses to check from where you are getting the most of your profit. It will help you to amplify the most profitable channels and not to be complacent with the one that is actually.

Lead time is also very much important to set the dynamic rates for future dates because you get the privilege of getting advanced bookings for 30+ or even 60+ days. But at the same time OTA’s “free cancellation policy” plays a vital role in your overall strategy and the cost they already charge as 15-23% commission from the hotels for every booking.


But when we come to “DIRECT BOOKINGS”, the overall cost of the website design, SEO and paid meta search would be very less compared to the commission you pay to the OTA’s. And thus direct bookings are always a big time advantage for any hotel.

Direct booking is all about the actual profit, and to achieve the maximum profit, your website should be designed in such a way that it should be simple yet attractive. Your home page should be designed to get the maximum engagements to ensure the conversion of maximum number of direct bookings. Your website should be clearly understandable by the users and it should not be so heavy with data that it would take forever to load the page.


We at Hotshot Hotelier know the importance of website design, and we cleverly use the coding and cookies to make this pressure point easier for you. We customize each and every website according to our client’s needs and requirements and we will take care of each and every critical element in designing your website.


The end result would be so empowering that the customer will be impressed when he is visiting your website for the very first time, and you would be able to establish your loyalty through personalized call back or follow up emails to impress them even more with your personalized service. And trust us, it’s a very simple and basic task for us!!

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