6 Safety And Hygiene Rules That All Hotels And Restaurants Should Follow

03rd Jun 2020 Covid-19 Update

Hotshot Hotelier is a reputable hotel marketing company that gives professional advice to different brands of varied shapes and sizes working in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts, guesthouses, restaurants and other venues where occasions and parties are held. In recent the travel and hospitality industry got adversely affected by a spreading virus which led the revenue graph to fall gradually to least expected numbers and to stop this the government came up with liberties and new rule books with an expectation to be followed with utter strictness and regularity.

It has been announced by the government officials that from the 8th June 2020 onwards all the hotels, resorts, guesthouses, party halls and restaurants would be allowed to open with a new set of hygiene rule book for guests and staff. It has been strictly advised that all these new rules must be followed by the premise and owners without bearing any safety compromises;

Let’s Go through Some Basic Steps :-

1. Daily Temperature Check and Sanitizing


All the premises are advised to keep a thermometer gun and a bottle of sanitizer on the entrance door so that each staff member stepping inside the property should be easily checked. Our staff safety is our responsibility, they come travelling through different areas of the city or provinces and it might happen that they would carry the virus by getting in contact with any positive patient. So before they step inside the premise, check their body temperature and let their hands be sanitized properly.

2. Face Mask and Gloves For Staff and Guests


Hotel and Restaurants are the premises where the maximum number of footsteps pass by in a single day, all arriving from different provinces and areas where it’s hard to predict whether the localities are carrying the virus or not. The owners should make a strict rule that either staff members or guests, whosoever steps in the premises must compulsorily carry a face mask to avoid foul inhalation and gloves to avoid direct contact with the hotel properties or common access touch points.

3. Thorough Cleaning Of Frequent Touch Points


Hotels and restaurants are a premise where a number of people pass in a single day and come in contact with some of the common points such as the entrance door, front desk, elevators, furnitures in the premise and billing counter. The premise owners should strictly ask their cleaning ground staff to sanitize such spots regularly before the day starts or even can assign a team of few members to keep on cleaning such spots twice or thrice in a day.

4. Signage Placed For Social Distancing


One of the common and easy going precautions asked to maintain is social distancing, which means to keep a distance of minimum 2 hands between two people if standing in a row or at a common public place. In hotels the staff and guests should maintain this distance so that they could keep themselves safe, while standing in the restaurant line, hotel front desk or billing counter. Owners should use the stickers, hoardings and pamphlets to keep people aware of this fact and also let a staff member keep an eye on the arrivals.

5. Social Distancing For Meetings and Conferences


As now all the small and big scale companies have started then it might happen that your hotel or restaurant would get an enquiry for conference hall or banquet hall booking to organize a corporate meeting or social gatherings to discuss the new work ethics or mergers. In that situation the premise owner should make a rule of limited guest list, space enough to not let the room be congested, keep sanitizers and cleaning stuff on varied corners of the halls and check the temperature of each guest before they step in the room.

6. Following All Guidelines


Tourism and hospitality industry has been adversely affected by this lockdown and dreadful virus, these safety rules and work principles are the only hope to recover their loss and avoid their premise from being the contentment area. It’s an humble request from the government and officials to follow these guidelines sincerely and look after the safety of each person inside the premises by themselves. Even the violation of these rules would be counted as a punishable act and do not take any chances for granted as it would just make the virus easy to walk in.

For more details regarding the hygiene rules and safety standards you can visit government portals where all the rules are clearly mentioned and if you are looking for a hotel marketing company to look after your failing revenue graph then do reach us out today. With promising solutions and professional staff assistance, Hotshot Hotelier will make your journey to success easy.