6 Ways To Generate Direct Bookings For Your Hotel…!!

Before we take a turn towards the tips and tricks, let’s just know first what direct booking means..?? Well direct booking means the guest hold their rooms reservation with the hotel directly and not through some online booking portal or travel agent. Travellers are getting good discounts from OTA’s ( Online Travel Agent ) and other online hotel booking portals, but the hotels have to pay a big amount in commission which then generates a low revenue collection to them by the end of the year, even at times people just shut down their venues to cover their debts.

Proceeding ahead to our topic that we are going to discuss, here are the 6 ways through which you can attract travellers towards your website and engender more of direct bookings :-

1. Mobile Friendly Hotel website 

These days it’s very easy for people to find things online as per their choices, as every business is running a successful website that attracts more traffic towards their products and easily accessible on electronic devices such as phones, mobiles, tablet, ipad and desktop. The things that we need to keep in mind while introducing hotels website are :- good eye catching and visible content, should convey every detail regarding the hotel, hd quality images with no repetitions and a booking page from where the visitor would confirm the booking directly and the hotel will get the amount with zero commission.

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2. Well Designed Booking Engine

The most important factor that helps to get the bookings directly is a well designed and updated booking engine page on the website, at times travellers are not satisfied with the images shared on online portals and so they surf for the hotel website and on the basis of information displayed on website they take their decision of confirming their booking with the hotel. If you have a booking engine in the website that is well connected with you property’s social accounts and the bank details of hotel mentioned, the guest can confirm the booking right away and the hotel will get the full payment of the booking without sharing a commission amount with some travel agent or online portal.

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3. Shore Up Best Price Guarantee

Well travellers don’t know that hotels and OTAs offer the same price, at times OTAs offer accommodation on price higher than the hotel offers, to get more direct bookings the hotel need to assure the guest that from direct bookings the deal would be more beneficial than getting it done from some travel agent or online portal. You can convince the guest by offering complimentary upgrades or you can just design a good booking widget where you can show a clear comparison between your rates and the online rates. Other than that for regular customers you can offer special season packages and festival packages with some complimentary meal or include some activities that you carry on your property.


4. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO plays a very crucial role while promoting a hotel’s website on the pages of all the search engines. SEO is search engine optimization that means particular keywords are assigned to the hotel on the basis of their location and search done by travellers for that city. Those keywords are then set in the content of website and after that an organic traffic is generated on the website as when people are surfing online for a hotel and that particular keyword is mentioned in your content than your website would be mentioned immediately within the first page of search engines among the top 10 displayed results. Once the traveller reaches your website through good seo that he would confirm the booking directly with as you have already attached a well designed booking engine page to the website along with the bank account details.

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5. Attractive Offers On Social Media

These days every next person is having an account on the social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and many more, to get a good platform and visibility for your hotel, you need to represent your business, your hotel very well on these platforms. With attractive posts regarding facts about hotel, the rooms, food, sightseeing, discounts, offers, you can attract followers towards your page and might be from those followers or page visitors you start receiving direct messages for room bookings. When you have a good amount of followers you can post seasonal and festive discounts on your page and add offer of getting extra benefits on confirming a direct booking.

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6. Online and On Call Support For Direct Booking 

These days when you surf for a well designed website, you will notice a chat box in the bottom corner of the website page from where the hotel can communicate with the visitor of the website. If we simplify this technical things than it means every time when a visitor visits your hotel’s website, you would be notified with a pop up message and the location of the guest, you can start a conversation with them right there and even get your rooms booked immediately. You can also design a well phrased welcoming message for the visitors if in case you are not available to attend the query the guest will just drop the contact details and before they confirm the bookings through online portals you reach out them with a good offer.


We hope this article is useful to all the hoteliers out their who are new with their hotels or need to promote their hotel very well to generate more direct bookings rather than online bookings. For more details and services you can visit our website or call us on the number mentioned on the website.