What all you can do to increase your website involvement with your customers?

More than 80% information is transmitted to our brain is visual (includes pictures and images) which makes sense to our brain so it can add another impactful element.


Human brain can process the visual data way better than any other data received, because it is easily eye catching and attractive to look at the first glance and it is how the visualization process actually works. It is also said that our brain can process the visual data 50,000 times faster than written text.

The most visited page on any average hotel website is accommodation and gallery pages. Because they are the pages which are needed to view the accommodation options for his stay and the location and surrounding images in gallery, as he wants to know what his hotel room looks like.

Another useful aspect which has been added to the latest website is virtual tour. Hoteliers add virtual tour to their website so the guests can get the actual idea of the place where they are going to stay. This virtual tour can be created for accommodation places or rooms, meeting or event rooms or even the exterior of the property. You don’t need to visit the site for your guests to book it online for any purpose. Let it be a leisure visit or any family function. They can get the idea of what it looks like on your website only.

Why visuals are so effective???


  • More than 80% of information is transmitted to the brain is visual and it is likely to be processed more than 50,000 times faster than text by your brain.
  • Most people respond faster to the visuals and images rather than plain text.
  • 45% of people think that a website’s design decides the credibility of the company.
  • Visuals and images actually enhances the website involvement with your customers and it is proved with the fact that just few days after introducing the face book time line with photos and videos the website engagement was increased by more than 60%.
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is another example of generating more traffic on social media for your online business.
  • Most of the people over the globe prefer to watch online videos on internet.
  • People upload more than 55 hours of videos every minute on YouTube.
  • Most people prefer to watch videos and view the images available on a website page rather than reading the plain text.
  • More than 80% customers like to make the booking after seeing the good quality photos or a good video.

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