Smart tricks to achieve more then 1000% ROI on your email marketing campaign!

As per the global research of last year, e-mail marketing is very much effective for your business and it is proved in the statistics also. But it is useless if your campaign does not produce that much amount of return on investment (ROI).

These are the 5 common mistakes which every normal person can make in strategy and execution of e-mail marketing. All of these mistakes happen due to one or another reason which is explained below. But the fact is if those mistakes can be avoided, e-mail marketing actually works.

Mistake #1: Avoiding separation.

Mistake #2: Use of a dull or lame subject line.

Mistake #3: Sending unreasonably much amount of e-mails to the subscribers.

Mistake #4: Sending insufficient amount of e-mails.

Mistake #5: Making the e-mail design tricky and tangled.


Avoiding Separation:

All your subscribers are not the same. That’s why it is very important to separate them into different categories like wedding guests, corporate guests, leisure guests etc. or you can even separate them according to their location also.

You can even make a different list of your most loyal and regular customers and give them some reward points. You can also make a list of guests who have booked through OTA channels and you can send them automated mails and convert them into direct booking from your side. Because, if the separation of guests is done and targeted e-mails are sent to them; then it can generate more than 55% of all the revenue.



Use of Dull or Lame Subject Line:

All your guests receive tons of e-mails everyday from many companies, agencies and hotels. Now the question is how you can stand aside from all of them????? The answer is by using an attractive subject or tag line for your e-mail. If you are using some boring or lame subject for your e-mail, many of your subscribers won’t even feel to open your e-mail and read it.

You cannot take this mistake lightly. Because many of the customers won’t convert into your guests if this mistake happens repeatedly. They won’t even read your e-mail; it will be discarded or marked as spam also. So, by using an attractive subject you can make your e-mail click worthy.



Sending Unreasonably Much Amount of E-mails:

It is the most important task for any of the e-mail marketer to decide that how many mails to be sent to their subscribers.

The main reason behind it is, if one is receiving too many e-mails from a particular company, he will be tired of them very soon. But sending the right amount of e-mails (2-3 mails per month) can remain its effectiveness with the customers.



Sending Insufficient Amount of E-mails:

This is another common mistake which people makes usually. They send very less e-mails to their subscribers or sometimes they doesn’t even send one mail per month/ it can happen because some companies might don’t know the value of e-mail marketing and if such thing happens, the subscribers might even does not remember you.

At least e-mails should be sent to the subscribers once in a week or twice in a month. You need to remind your presence at regular interval to them. Because in such way you make your customers trust your company.



Making the E-mail Design Tricky and Tangled:

Your e-mail design must have similarity with your company product or services with one thing to be kept in the mind that the design should not lessen the impact present in the e-mail or website.



Always try to keep the things simple and easy. Keep the content short and sweet because no one likes to read long e-mails. Try using images and visuals in your e-mails, especially for marketing of your product or on announcement of any new offers. Because without the use of images and visuals it will be a boring e-mail which can be fatal to your company.

Many people (more than 40%) have blocked the images in their e-mail inbox, so always keep a single or two line description for those images for them to read. And the most important thing is to have an e-mail which is responsive and can work on multiple sizes of screens.

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